Activate your Roku streaming player effortlessly on Roku.com/link

Before you activate the Roku device on Roku.com/link, you a few steps and get
your Roku to work by following the instructions below.

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Roku.com/link is the destination url to enter your roku link code or roku activation code. You can get best roku setup assistance from support-roku.com. Also find the roku troubleshooting steps, roku channel activation guides, tips to resolve roku com link not working errors, roku error codes solution, roku/link wireless issues, and other roku related errors. Call our toll free number to create a new roku account in no time.

Connecting Roku to your TV

Unpack your Roku streaming player package and then segregate the important accessories to kick-start the Roku streaming player setup. After that, connect your Roku streaming player to the TV using an HDMI cable. You need to utilize a new HDMI cable if you are having issues while connecting. You can also connect Roku to your TV. Users who are trying to connect Roku player to older television models should make use of a standard composite video connection. Now, connect an Ethernet cable if you prefer Wired connection method.

Turn on your Roku streaming player and television after connecting the device to a direct electrical outlet using the power adapter. Complete the Roku remote settings to move forward with the next step. Power up your TV and then check whether Roku logo appears on the screen. If the connection is successful, then you can proceed with the following steps. Otherwise, hang around until you see the logo onscreen. Try restarting the devices when the Roku logo fails to appear even after a long time and check your connections.

How do you Set up a Roku streaming device? - roku.com/link

No matter what streaming player you use, the setup procedure is more or less similar and
you can use it to complete the Roku device activation using the url roku com link successfully. Just tag along with the directives given below.

How do I set it up?

It’s easy!

Power up your Roku

roku remote

Connect the Roku device to the

roku/link setup

Create a Roku account and activate
your device

roku.com/link account

How to setup Roku?

After the Roku welcome screen, you will be following the guided setup which will walk you through. Just choose the Language that you desire and remember that you will be viewing the text and dialog in Roku in the language you select. Scroll through the list and then confirm your choice by clicking Ok. Select a Wireless or Wired connection.

How to connect Roku to Wi-Fi?

Once you prefer Wireless over Ethernet connection, a list of available networks will appear on your screen. Select your wireless network and then enter the wireless network password. If you can’t find the wireless, just tap Scan again to see all networks. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive and you have to be very vigilant while furnishing the wireless network key

Download the recent Roku OS version and then restart the Roku streaming player. You need to modify the Display settings. You can skip this step for now and execute it later. Just tap Settings and then select Display type. Now you are all set to move on with the Roku streaming player activation on www.roku.com/link.

How to Create a Roku account?

Roku account will store all your information like the devices you own, channels purchased and other important settings. You have to provide a valid email address in order to create a Roku.com/link account. As said earlier, Roku account generation is essential for viewing your contents on TV. Here is how you can create your Roku account.


At first, you need to visit my.roku.com/signup and then provide information that the website requires. You will have to include Name, email ID and password. To create a Roku account, users should have completed eighteen years of age. Just acknowledge the Terms and Conditions and then click Submit.


The next step is to create a four-digit PIN for your Roku account. Creating a Roku PIN will safeguard your Roku account and prevent unauthorized purchases. Enter four digits and then choose your preferences for Roku PIN settings to the account.

roku account setup

Enter your credit card or PayPal details to complete the Roku account setup. By including the payment details, purchase your favorite channels effortlessly. All you have to do is, search for the channel that you like on the Roku channel library and acquire it right away.

Activate your Roku device – Roku.com/link

Once you have completed the Roku account setup and Roku device setup, you are ready to activate the device on my.roku.com/link. Check the television for Roku com link device activation code which will appear after the successful completion of the above two steps. You will be able to find the Roku activation code on TV and just make a note of it.

Navigate to url roku.com/link website and then furnish the Roku activation code. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete the Roku device activation on a successful note. Check your television screen to confirm the Roku device activation. If you are able to access the Roku home screen, linking your device to Roku account is successful.

www.roku.com/link activation
roku.com/link code

Get set to stream

Watch contents for free or paid without any restrictions. Just commence watching top-notch shows and movies exclusively on your Roku streaming device. Moreover, you are eligible to watch The Roku Channel which incorporates free movies and television shows. The Roku channel is an ultimate inclusion to the Roku library in which users are allowed to stream contents they love for free.

Visit the Roku channel store by clicking Streaming Channels option on the Roku home page roku.com and then select the channels of your choice. If the channel is paid, acquire a subscription easily as you have included the payment details in the Roku account. If it is free, you can just stream or sign in with the particular channel’s dedicated account.

What are the Steps to resolve Roku activation issues?

Roku/link activation process is not a cakewalk for all the users as they might hit upon unexpected errors. If you are having a hard time setting up your Roku device, just connect with us. Roku support team will offer instant guidance to eradicate the issues you are facing and help you to complete the setup process in minutes. Just check roku.com/link us

As you know, activating your Roku streaming player requires a valid Roku account. If your account is invalid, it will not help you to link your Roku device. Therefore, streaming your contents is not possible

Roku Account Setup Issues

  • To prevent Roku account issues, you need to provide a valid account which is in use. If not, Roku account creation might fall short or the account will not be authorized.
  • Ensure you provide a strong password which incorporates letters, numerals and valid symbols. Remember the password as it is important to manage your account and subscriptions.
  • If you have problems in creating a Roku with an email address, try creating another account with a new one.

Roku Activation Issues

You might hit upon issues while linking your Roku device, just follow the steps given below and get rid of the Roku activation issues in minutes.

Error arises when furnishing the Roku activation on roku.com/link

  • This error might appear when you enter an incorrect Roku link code, just try furnishing your code for one more time.
  • If you are bumping into the issue again, just check whether your internet connection and also verify that your system is working fine.
  • Check whether you have completed all the steps to complete the Roku setup.
  • You can obtain a new roku.com/link code when the issues prevails even after executing the above troubleshooting steps.
  • On your Roku remote, just press the Star button after which you have to select the Get a New code option.
  • After the appearance of new Roku code, visit the roku.com/link and furnish the code again.
  • Mostly, the issue will resolve if the problem is with the Roku code.

Other Roku com link activation issues

The root cause of Roku activation must be the internet connectivity. An adequate signal strength is important for the Roku player to stream incessantly. If you have network issues, just try the few troubleshooting steps mentioned below to clear the issues right away.

If your Roku is experiencing internet issues, then you will get to view the below-listed errors

Here are the troubleshooting tips to get rid of the Roku error codes

  • Check whether you have furnished the wireless network name and password correctly.
  • Enhance your wireless signal strength
  • Verify that your router has no issues in functioning
  • Power cycle all the devices (Roku, TV and the router)

If you still have issues in activating your Roku device on http://roku.com/link, just reach out to us by dialing the toll-free number in the website.

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