Shear line is used for cutting the steel coil in rectangular sheet form to required length. We can cut accurate length by feeding the dimensions in to the line. We can cut various length and quantity with accurate flatness and accurate diagonal measurements. Line run at a speed of 80 meters per minute. Input coil size in the range of 450mm to 1600mm Max. and Thickness in the range of 0.4mm to3.2 mm Max. Input coil weight with Maximum of 20MT. In this line we can cut sheet product with Minimum length of 400 to Max. length of 3500 mm.
This line having two Piler units which can save pallet setup time

Input Material Specification :

Material CR, GA, EG, PO
Thickness 0.4mm – 3.2 mm
Input width 450mm – 1600 mm
Coil Weight Max. 20000 Kgs.
Inside Diameter 508 mm / 610 mm

Product Specification :

Line Speed Max.  80 Meters per Minutes
Min. Cut to length 450 mm
Max. cut to length 3500 mm
Product Tolerance (Length) -0.1mm / +0.1 mm
Flatness Less than 3mm
Diagonal variation Within 1mm
Capacity 100,000 Ton/Year