The Slitter Line serves for slitting steel coil in to strips with required dimention and their subsequent rolling in to coil form which is called skelps (Slitted coils). Its advantage is highly flexibility, we can adjust the result exactly to our customer requirements, The line is capable of processing steel coils of various sizes and thickness.Input coil size in the range of 450mm to 1600mm Max. and Thickness in the range of 0.4mm to 4mm Max. Input coil weight with Maximum of 20MT. In this line we can slit product with Minimum slit width of 40mm with 18 Cuts. Line run with Max. speed of 200 MPM (Meters per minute), we have production capacity of 10400 MT per month.

Input Material Specification :

Material Grade CR, GA, EG, PO
Thickness 0.4mm – 4.0mm
Input width 450mm – 1600 mm
Coil Weight Max. 20000 Kgs.
Inside Diameter 508 mm / 610 mm
Outside Diameter 650 mm / 2000 mm

Product Specification :


Line Speed Max.  200 Meters per
Minimum Slitting width 40 mm
Production Tolerance -0.1mm / +0.1 mm
Product Inner diameter 508 mm
Capacity 110,000 Ton/Year