Amazon prime on Roku

Amazon Prime is one of the best streaming services available out there.Here you will find information about how to watch amazon prime on Roku

Specialties of Prime Video on Roku

  • Users who don’t have Amazon Prime members can also view the contents.
  • Tons and tons of movies, shows and Amazon originals are readily available to the users. No restrictions to stream videos of your choice.
  • Users will have the option to rent or purchase if a particular content is not available on the Prime membership. You can still purchase videos sans Amazon prime subscription.
  • The contents you rent can be viewed up to 49 hours.
  • Unlimited access to the Amazon Prime video library. Stream contents and binge-watching starts with Amazon Prime video channel.

Amazon Prime subscription

You can make use of the below instructions to start streaming Amazon Prime video which is now called, Amazon instant video. When you launch the Amazon instant video on your Roku streaming player, you will have three options.

  • Start a 30-day Amazon Prime Free trial
  • Already a member? Sign in
  • No thanks, Start Browsing

If you don’t have an Amazon subscription or novice user, make use of the thirty-day free trial option and watch amazing contents on Amazon sans charges. However, continuing after thirty-days will necessitate you to pay the subscription charges. Failing to pay, Amazon will stop the Prime Video services. Users can visit and then create a new account. Users who already have an Amazon subscription can make use of the second option. If you are just browsing, tap the third option and then kick-off browsing without any hindrance.

You have two options to link Amazon Prime and Roku. Let’s check out below.

Just continue on Roku streaming player to complete registration or just visit the Amazon website to wrap up the setup.

Register using Roku

Select this option and tag along with the directives on your screen. Enter the Amazon account credentials such as email and password and then tapping Sign In Using Secure Server. You will get a success message on the screen after which streaming is possible without any limitations.

If you pursue registering through the desktop, just click on “Get Started on the Amazon website” and move further.

Register on

Tap “Get a new code” and continue. After finding code on the screen, visit and then enter the Amazon Prime activation code. Complete the instructions that appear on the screen and then wrap up the channel activation procedure.

Roku amazon prime not working

It’s quite normal to hit upon issues while streaming your favorite contents on the Roku device. If you come across “Roku Amazon Prime not working” issue, then try the below steps to troubleshoot this issue right away.

  • Turn off the television and Roku streaming player. Detach the power cords and cables connected to the devices.
  • Hang around for a few minutes and try switching on the Roku streaming player and Television after a few minutes.
  • If the issue persists, remove the Amazon prime app from the Roku library and then install it again. You can also connect with us to get useful guidance and begin binge-watching with Amazon Prime Video on Roku.

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